Bio Charcoal

or as we call it – the fuel of the future

The heart and soul of Greenmine, of course, is its product. Bio Charcoal or Bio Coal Briquettes, as the name suggests is a type of coal briquette manufactured by converting biological (agricultural) waste into a high density and energy concentrated fuel briquette. Being a biological by-product it is an eco-friendly, renewable and sustainable substitute for coal, wood, and other conventional non-renewable fuels.


Its features make it far superior to conventional energy sources in many ways. The same is illustrated below:

  • Eco Friendly – Not only is the input (reusing the agricultural waste) good for the environment but so is its output.
  • Free of sulphur and odourless – Unlike coal, Bio Charcoal leaves you with no smell and no residual chemicals to inhale
  • 100% Natural – Made of agricultural wastes and without the use of any chemical binders this is as natural as energy gets.
  • No Pollution – Even the process of converting agricultural waste to solid fuel is also Non Polluting.
  • No smoke – Neither is there any smoke emitted nor does ash fly when burning Bio Charcoal Briquettes.
  • Economical – Owing to the utility of each unit, the requirement is optimal. Furthermore, the size of the briquettes make transport, loading/unloading, and storage costs minimal. More so, they easily withstand long distances and retain quality.
  • High Utility – Bio Charcoal has a lower ignition temperature than coal, thereby, burning faster. Furthermore, the briquettes are Pillow-shaped having sharp edges making it easy to light. It is denser and has lesser moisture content than loose Bio Coal and firewood.
  • Higher Efficiency – All of this helps the heat temperature to remain constant and thus make Bio Charcoal more efficient.


Gross Calorific Value 7000 Max
Fixed Carbon 70% Max
Moisture Content 5% Max
Volatile Matter 15% Max
Ash Content 8% Max



The Greenmine briquettes are great for burning in large quantities due to an economical and uniform size as well as a fairly standard mixture across the board. The high calorific value is directly proportionate to efficiency and you will need a smaller quantity of our briquettes to produce the same amount of energy. The pollution level of bio-charcoal is also significantly lower than that of regular wood charcoal which leads to a smaller carbon footprint.


Greenmine produces two types of Charcoal Briquettes differentiating in their application in grills and stoves. The high calorific value of our briquettes plays a role in both the economic use of charcoal as well as increased heat production, which are both vital for the hotel industry. Our superiority over wood charcoal also comes to the fore with reduced ash content as well as being eco-friendly with zero chemicals.


It’s always great to have a quiet barbecue in the backyard with friends and family. The Greenmine charcoal briquettes make it so that you don’t have to face an increased risk to your health by using charcoal while making that backyard barbecue more cost-effective. There is also the added advantage of ease in starting the barbecue, longer burning periods than the typical lump charcoal, even heat throughout and of course the great taste that comes when using any kind of charcoal to cook.


Form matters more than mixture when charcoal is being used with a shisha. It is for this very reason that the tough exterior and the innate nature of our bio-charcoal briquettes to burn for a longer period of time than most other kinds of conventional charcoal make it a great choice as a Shisha coal. The lack of an odour is also a huge plus when being used indoors.


Easy to start charcoal briquettes which lights in less than 90 seconds.


Customizability is what we believe to be a greater forte than any of the aforementioned uses as our machines give us the ability to alter the shape, size and variations in the nature of the charcoal from quick to slow burning as well as the content of the charcoal. All this and more can be customized to meet your requirements so that you will never fall short by using our bio-charcoal briquettes.